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Patch 0.6.2 is live and brings some key fixes to Awaken, focusing on the Create mode. For more information and discussion about Awaken, past and upcoming updates, join the discussion at discuss.awaken-game.com!

And as always, we love to hear your thoughts, feedback and bug reports at feedback.awaken-game.com.

Create Mode

  • When editing an existing level, locked and unlocked parts now correctly persist from your last edit session
  • Fixed an issue where some parts couldn’t be locked in Create mode

Oculus Rift Support

  • The Oculus Rift now uses either (A) or (X) to lock a part in create mode, rather than the grip trigger

Misc Fixes & Improvements

  • Various fixes and improvements to VFX
  • Parts no longer rarely disappear when removed from the shelf
  • A version & build number now appears when opening the menu on your desktop game window. Please include this number in any feedback or bug reports to help us identify which version you’re playing!

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