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The Fountain of Light Update (0.7.0) is now live, bringing 30 new levels, a whole new world, and an entirely new in-VR way to share your levels with other players around the world and explore the creations of other Architects of Light. This update also introduces support for Blueprint Reality’s recently-release MixCast VR mixed-reality tool!

The Fountain of Light Update

Our full announcement and details for the Fountain of Light Update can be found here. New features include:

  • 30 new levels in a brand new world
  • A new Guardian to heal and help ascend
  • The ability to share your levels with the world at the Create Altar
  • Find new levels, your friends’ levels, and levels highlighted by Blueprint Reality weekly at the Community Altar
  • MixCast VR mixed-reality video support – create your own mixed-reality videos easily with Blueprint Reality’s new tool!
  • Many fixes and improvements throughout the experience

Learn more about creating and sharing your own levels with our Create & Community Guide video.

0.7.0 Patch Notes

 0.7.0 includes many fixes and improvements:


  • Upon completing World 1 the Lynx statue is now at the Story Tree to begin playing World 2 levels
  • The Create Altar now allows you to place custom levels in the right-hand column to share them. Levels must first be completed once by the creator to prove they can be solved.
  • The Create Altar now has a scrollbar for scrolling through your edited levels
  • The Community Altar unlocks after level 15 in World 1
    • Place one of the statues on the left-hand altar to find levels
    • World statues will find levels in that world from all submissions
    • The friends statue will show all levels shared by your Steam friends
    • The Blueprint Reality logo statue will show levels highlighted by BPR, which will change on a weekly basis to highlight community levels
  • For the first two weeks of the Fountain of Light Update, the highlighted levels will be the Blueprint Challenge Pack levels, which are no longer found at the Story Tree
  • The Community Altar has a scrollbar for searching through long lists of levels, such as Friends’ levels
  • Level crystals’ art updated and now show when completed
  • Game credits can now be seen by picking up the Blueprint Reality object behind the player start location
  • Trying to place a crystal into an invalid keyhole now rejects it with an effect

World 2

  • World 2 puzzles are unlocked by completing World 1
  • World 2 puzzles contain hot and cold elements that change the attributes of the ball or parts of the puzzle

Puzzle Elements

  • You can now throw away the rail by grabbing the middle and tossing it away

Edit Mode

  • Guardians will no longer appear in edit mode for either world
  • Edited levels now show a number on the crystal that increments with each newly-created level to help differentiate them
  • A lumen now correctly appears when you complete another players’ level or play your own custom level

General Improvements

  • Significant performance improvements throughout
  • Fixed an issue where elements would sometimes disappear after being pulled off the shelf
  • Fixed some issues where objects like elements and crystals would become stuck to your controller
  • The starting island in the tutorial is now larger to minimize initial disorientation

Known Issues

  • A puzzle element can rarely become ‘stuck’ to your controller. You can usually throw the puzzle element away or simply open and close the Steam interface in VR to detach it

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Thank you for participating in our Early Access journey and we hope you enjoy the Fountain of Light Update!

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