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Version 0.7.0 brings 30 new levels, a whole new world, and an entirely new in-VR way to share your levels with other players around the world and explore the creations of other Architects of Light. The Fountain of Light update will be available for you to experience before the end of the month!

The Community Altar

After completing at least level 15 of World 1 you’ll find a new lumen waiting for you, ready to raise the new Community Altar from the sea. At this new altar you can search for levels created by your friends and other Architects of Light, levels curated by Blueprint Reality, or put your trust in the stars and receive a brand new level for a chosen world.

You can share your own levels at the Create Altar by solving them once you’re done editing and then placing them in the share column on the right of the altar.

World 2 and the Great Lynx

A new world and its Guardian are in peril! The darkness has inflicted a grievous wound on the Great Lynx that defends the light of this world overseen by a gas giant and floating islands of rock. Warmth and chill play pivotal roles in this world, each with their own unique parts, behaviours, and modifiers for existing puzzle elements.

Mastering these elements will require an eager mind and no small amount of thoughtful experimentation!

Next Steps

Our new Community Altar will expand with new features to come in future updates, including more tools for finding the perfect level for you based on a variety of criteria. We also want to provide more feedback on how your shared levels are being received by other players, including a system for ‘favouriting’ a level to save it for later and tell others they should give it a try.

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We want to hear from you!

You are an important part of making Awaken an incredible experience for its full launch and beyond! Awaken is still very young and we’re here to listen to what you love about it now and how you wish it would improve in the future.

You can submit your feedback in-game or at http://feedback.awaken-game.com, or join the community discussion at http://discuss.awaken-game.com!

Thank you for participating in our Early Access journey and we hope you enjoy the Fountain of Light Update!

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